Monday, March 3, 2014

Last Week's Frugality

  Last week went by in a blur!   My DH fell Wednesday and hit his head meriting an ER visit-we were there almost 8 hours but he is ok except for a headache.  Thank the Lord!  We did end up eating out that night because we were starved and tired.  Not very frugal were we. :(
  We did have one meatless meal last week but I still would like to have 2 per week.

   We didn't have to wash towels this week.  I have been harping on the kids to reuse their towels a couple of times before putting them into the hamper.  It helped this week!

     I found reduced bananas, reduced gala apples and several packages of reduced meat at the market last week!  I love the reduced fruit--I know we have to eat it asap but it is a cheap way to buy fruits and have fresh fruit in the wintertime not to mention the need to bake that old standby we love--banana bread!!!  We had fried apples for dinner and I used the peels and 2 left over apples to make apple butter! My house smells so yummy right now!
   I packed my lunch all week!  Go me!

I found a summer top for work at the Goodwill for $1.65 and it is just too cute!  I also found a very nice item for a Christmas gift(I cannot tell you what it is because the intended recipient follows my Blog) at the Good will.  I think she will love it!

  My Mother and I went to the Family Dollar store and they had little girls PJs and winter outfits reduced 60 % then there was another 25% off of the reduced price.  We both got several gifts for Christmas for $1-3 each.  I have finished both of my nieces birthday and Christmas shopping already and have almost all of my grandbabies shopping done as well.  A
little at a time and it will get finished before Thanksgiving....I hope!

   Our local Meijer had Crystal light (which I love) on sale for $.99 when you buy 8. Then they had a Catalina coupon print for $4 off your next order!  What a deal!  I stocked up on those, let me tell you!  Much cheaper that the soda my DH loves!

   We are getting some bad weather right now --so I batch cooked food for the week just in case we lose power.  Just heat on the fire and eat later.

  I did list 6 items on e-bay to raise extra cash  this month.  Last month if you recall, I made $54 on one sale.  I hope this helps tide us over until I get my soap business up and running!  My goal is to increase our income by $200 a month by December 2014. Wish me luck!
What did you do to save money last week?

Frugal blessings,

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