Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Last Week's Frugality

Icky the Pumpkin Man is back on the porch!
        Last week was a very frugal week!  I was able to save $59.71 on my grocery bill!  I chose the loss leaders and used coupons for them as well! I stayed under my allotted $75 food budget --only spent $72.35.  I was able to get stocked up on Chunky soups, my hubby's pretzels,  Pillsbury biscuits and crescent rolls! 

      The weather was cool last week so we were able to turn off the A/C.

       I cooked a beef roast and stretched it for three meals. My Aunt gave it to me last Christmas.
We had roast beef and vegetables two nights and then beef and noodles another night.  It was a nice big roast and we enjoyed it tremendously! It is especially appreciated because I won't spend my food budget  on such expensive meat!

Two of my faux pumpkins!
        I resisted the urge to buy a pumpkin to carve.  I just put one of my faux pumpkins out on the porch instead--saved $3.99! 

       As some of you know, I take my mother to the Goodwill most Saturdays and this past Saturday was no exception.  I found an American Girl Doll($10) 2 weeks ago and low and behold, I found a box of 18" doll clothes last Saturday!  The box had maybe 12 outfits and 3 pairs of shoes/boots and was only $10!  I am so excited to find the doll and clothes for only $20!  My Granddaughter is going to love them!  Score and Cha ching!!

       I  found a cute little jar for $.50.  It will be adorable filled with small cookies or candy!

      I found a bag of gold mylar shred for $.50.  It will be perfect in a gift basket this Christmas!

      Since my Granddaughter loves to read, I picked up a Disney chapter book for her for a quarter!
This will be given for Christmas also! I try to give books every year to encourage her to read more!

    All in all I had a very good week and got some Christmas gifts purchased!
How did you save last week?

Frugal Blessings!




Monday, October 9, 2017

Last Week's Frugality

Hello Dear Readers,
  I was off of work last week to get ready for my youngest daughter's wedding on Friday night.
I am sad to say last week was not very frugal. We ended up eating out most days because you couldn't see the tabletop or counter for wedding stuff!.  I made the cupcakes for the rehearsal dinner, made the wedding cake, made more cupcakes for the wedding, made a 5 pound cheese ball, made a batch of Oreo truffels, and finished up the flowers. I was busy--too busy to cook and had no place to cook! My kitchen was a mess!  I could say I was frugal by making the wedding cake and saving the $400, but the restaurant expenses were pretty high!  Good thing this is our last wedding to pay for!!!
   We were given lots of tomatoes, peppers and turnips by my cousin--thank you Charles!
   I did use my Kroger points for gas to save $.30 per gallon but that is about it for me!
   What did you save money on this week?
Frugal Blessings,

PS I will post wedding pics soon!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Last Week's Frugality

Hello Dear Readers!

    Last week was a pretty frugal no spend week.  We ate supper at home every night but Sunday and my Dear Momma bought KFC for us.  We had a pint of mashed potatoes left over so they were refrigerated and warmed up for another meal.  I love using leftovers—I feel so virtuous for not having them go to waste!

    We didn’t go anywhere we didn’t have to go.  No pleasure drives, just work and back.

    My son cut my DH’s hair and trimmed his beard. He does a great job!

    For my daughter’s wedding this week, we want to serve appetizers—cheese cubes, crackers, and cheeseball.  I priced the cheese at Sam’s Club and the cubes were $9.99 per 2 lb bag. $5 per pound.  When I was at the grocery on Sunday, I realized that Meijer had their one lb cheese blocks on sale buy one get one free!  So I bought 8lbs. and got 8lbs free!  It was about $2.25 per pound! I saved over $45 by buying the blocks and cutting them myself.  It won’t take long to cut but what a savings!

   I made the backdrop swag of flowers from left over wedding flowers and some curly willow I had in a churn in my living room! So there was no out of pocket for it—just used what I had on hand and it is beautiful!

     I also bought cotton fabric and made the napkins to go in the baskets for the appetizer and dessert tables.  Spent less than $4 for all of the napkins(8).  Pretty reasonable and they were too easy!

  The only things we got completed on our winterizing list was to turn down the water heater thermostat and to put a bottle in the toilet tank to displace and save on water costs. But if it helps reduce the bills it all good! Every penny counts! We so need to get more accomplished on our list ASAP!  Cooler weather is coming soon!

  Well, that’s about it for me—What have you saved money on lately?

 Frugal Blessings,







Saturday, September 30, 2017

Goal: Lowering our Utility Bills by 10%

Hello All,
  This Fall and Winter my DH and I are hoping to reduce our utility bills by 10% compared to last year by winterizing, etc.  This will be tough because last winter was a pretty mild one for us! I will be comparing cost this year vs. last year. Wish us luck!
  Here is our list:
  1. Insulate and seal the basement door--Done
  2. Insulate and seal the attic access opening
  3. Put bubble wrap on all bedroom windows
  4. Put bottle of water in toilet tank to save water each flush
  5. Buy and install dryer vent bucket to let dryer vent help heat the house
  6. Buy and install hot water heater blanket
  7. Insulate hot water pipes
  8. Caulk around all windows
  9. Put weather stripping around front and back doors
  10. Check both fans on fireplace inserts
  11. Split firewood
  12. Make draft dodger for front door
  13. Insulate heat runs in basement
  14. Replace air filter in furnace
  15. Clean baseboard heater
  16. Buy runner for slate hallway--floor is always extremely cold!
  17. Make rice bags for bed warmers
  18. Turn water heater down

Well that is our long list!  Can you think of anything else I may have missed?  Hopefully we will get it all completed!  I'll check back in later to let you know our progress!

Frugal Blessings,

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DIY Room Fresheners

  Hello Dear Readers,

  I just love to have a faint hint of fragrance in every room of my  home. The sense of smell is an awesome thing.  Think back on any  memories you may have of Mom or Grandma baking cookies.  How did that smell make you feel- Joyful, happy, hungry? Can you help but smile when you remember this delicious aroma?  I know I can't!  Fragrance in a room can boost your mood so why not do anything you can do to be happier!
    Just ran across something so easy to freshen up a room and boost your moods!  Most of us will have everything needed for this little project: small mason jar and ring, scrap of fabric, baking soda, and essential oil. Nothing outlandish or pricey I promise!  
     Pour baking soda into jar and add 8-10 drops of essential oil. Put fabric scrap on top of jar and screw the ring onto it.  Don't use the center disk of the lid.  Then just shake to mix the soda and oil.  To quickly refresh/scent a room, just give it a shake every now and again!

   See....easy peasy, inexpensive, and no artificial anything!

Fragrant Blessings,

Monday, September 25, 2017

Last Week's Frugality


 Hi Dear Readers,

  Last week was a pretty good week frugally!  We used some coupons that Meijer sent us and got a free box of Little Debbie's snacks along with savings on eggs, milk and butter! 

  I bought a bone in half ham that we stretched for 4 meals-- fried ham and homemade biscuits, then made a pot of pinto beans with some of the cut off ham(leftovers for third meal) and saved the bone for a pot of northern bean soup.  Waste not, want not! We had a pan of homemade cornbread with the beans! Can you say yummy?  Mmmm, mmm, good!

  We ate the leftover biscuits for breakfast and used some of the apple butter I canned week before last.  It was to die for good!  Home canned foods taste so much better than store bought!

  I started my Christmas shopping. Ordered several gifts that were half off online--cannot say what because of family that may read this! They sure smell good though!

  Ordered toilet paper from Amazon!  Cheap and delivered to your front door.  Win, win!

 My DH and I made up a list of things to do around the house before it gets cold in order to save money on utilities.  He worked on sealing and insulating our basement door. One thing down and 15 more to go, but it is a start!  We are hoping to reduce our utilities by 10% compared to last year.  A big goal but with our list of improvements,  I hope we will meet it!
  I'll share more about weatherproofing our home in a later post.

  That's about all for us last week.  What have you saved money on lately?

Frugal Blessings,