Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Record, Records, and More Records!

Vintage Winter Landscape Image
   Baby it’s cold outside!  Our area (NKY) has had snow,  more snow and frigid temps for the last 2 weeks!  It has been FRIGID!  

    The NKY area has broken 7 records with snowfall and low temps in the last 2 weeks.  I pray we do not break any more!  I am so over it!

    We are blessed with many quilts and blankets to keep us toasty. We have not lost power as of yet, but I have my oil lamps, candles, matches, and flashlights ready to go if needed.   Please pray for the folks that are suffering without power during these ferocious winter storms!  I hope they have prepped for such an emergency. How are you staying warm and toasty during this long, cold winter?  How have you prepared for Winter emergencies?

Warm Winter Blessings,


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