Monday, April 27, 2015

Last Week's Frugality

   Hello All!  Hope this post finds you well!  The last few weeks have been pretty hectic around my house- Several family members have ended up in either the hospital  ED or admitted inpatient.  Crazy, crazy times but everyone is doing better!  They do say these things go in 3's you know!  They sure do at my house!!

  I have been able to add several things to my pantry in the last several weeks.  I found a red, white and blue cake mix on sale for 73 cents at Biglots.  This will be perfect for the 4th of July!  I also found a pkg of Oreos cookies for 73 cents as well.  They are the mint ones from Christmas but my DD#2 love mint everything so I picked these up for her. 
  I did find some Easter chocolate candy a couple of weeks ago on clearance and picked up enough to use for chocolate chunk cookies at Christmas.  I put it in freezer bags and then put in the freezer.  Every little bit bought ahead helps!

   Our Meijer had canned green beans 3 for $1. I bought 12 cans to add to my pantry.  The Crystal light was $.99 each when you bought 8 so I added 8 of the lemon tea flavor to our pantry.  We enjoy this during the hot summer months.

   The Goodwill  had a ton of stuff last Saturday!  I found a food mill for only $4.  I have been pricing the nut and spring on Lehmans and they were over $8 plus shipping so this was a steal!  I picked up a scrub set for my soon to be NICU nurse DD#2 for $3.29.  Very good shape!  I found a jelly jar for 50 cents and got that.  I found a large stainless bowl for $2.  Came in handy when I was picking and processing my dandelions for jelly!   I found 3 gently used books for my niece’s Birthday.  So I really scored big time!  I just LOVE the Goodwill, don't you?

  My Granddaughter and 2 nieces were at my house Sunday and I had them pick dandelions for dandelion jelly!  They had a blast picking and my niece Cora (almost 4) wanted to help put the flowers in jars before she left.  I tried explaining I had to make the jelly first, but she wanted to help with the “Jelly Flowers” and didn’t want to go home!! Such a cutie!   I can just imagine what her daycare teachers are going to think when she tells them she picked Jelly flowers!!  Smiles!! My petals are steeping as I write this!  And to my brother who called me a “hippy” - Thank you!  I’ll take that as a compliment!  Lol!

   My Christmas Club account is up to $90!  I know this doesn’t seem like much but it will be a blessing to our family during the holidays.

    I am arranging the bouquets for a friends  daughter’s wedding.   Susan brought me a pot of lavender when she brought the flowers over to me.  Couldn’t have given me anything that I would have liked any better- Thanks Susan! 
That’s about it for me for last week!  What have you saved money on?





  1. Lisa, I'm sorry about your family but glad they are on the mend! I've missed your posts but totally understand! I helping with family a lot so I know it takes priority. Bet the "jelly flower" jelly turned out great!

    Thank you, again, for the jars!!! :) It sure made my day and the straws will be used as well!
    Have a wonderful day/week. Teri

  2. You are welcome Teri! Have a great week yourself!