Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ba humbug!


Monday my Hubby had a Dr. appt.  at 12:45.  My DD#2 took him to his appt. then went home.  My DS#2 got home from work and couln't find his charger cord for his laptop. My DS#1 came home from work and then I got home.  DS#1 couldn't find his new laptop.  We then couldn't find DD#2's laptop. Then we disovered a camera was missing. I ran into my room and my jewelry box had been cleaned out. Then DD#2 checked her room and her jewelry box was gone along with another little ceramic box she stored jewelry in. The burglars shouldered the back door in and pushed it back closed when they left and no one noticed until we started missing stuff.
  We were robbed!  Cannot wrap my head around it.  Two creepers were in my house! Ughhh.  So Ba Humbug to those that broke in. At least they didn't take our gifts.  The Police thought they just wanted easy things to get rid of for drugs.
   The creepers went next door to my Mom's house and knocked on the door to see if any one was home--when Mom got up to answer the door, the girl ran to the car and they left. The cops said that was a burglars standard way of seeing if anyone is home.  We were ROBBED! So sad that people have to steal from others to support drug habits.  My family has enought problems to worry about besides this.  But to put it in perspective, my friends mom died Monday morning--We only lost things...things that can be replaced. Things are meaningless compared to losing a family member.   So even though we were ROBBED...worse things could have happened. We are still so very blessed.

So Ba Humbug to the burglars and Merry Christmas  to All!
Christmas Blessings,

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