Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Week's Frugality

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter-My family sure did!  I cooked dinner and we had a houseful! Good times!

     Well, I packed my lunch all five days last week.  Yeah me!!  I felt so guilty from the week before, that I had to pack my lunch the entire week.

   We tried a new dish(meatless) for dinner last week!  DH liked it and so did I--eggplant parmesan.  It was delicious and hearty enough that DH didn't complain!  I guess I'll need to get some eggplant seeds for the garden!

   I was able to add 4 packages of noodles to my pantry stash--they were $ .88 each.  Our Meijer had  Del Monte canned goods on sale--buy 10 get $3.00 off.  That made my diced tomatoes just $.49 each-Score!  Then the fruit was just $.69 per can!  I was able to add 10 cans of the tomatoes and 10 cans of the fruit to my stash! With the drought in California and the loss of cattle during the Polar
vortex, I fully expect food prices to skyrocket so the more I stock up, the better for our budget!

     My Granddaughter and nieces received books that I have been picking up at the Goodwill in their Easter baskets along with a bit of candy and fruit snacks.  I just paid about a quarter for each book and each girl had 3-4 each. 

  I shopped out of the gift closet for my niece's birthday gifts.  I found loads of girl toys at Meijer after Christmas for 80% off.  I purchased enough for birthdays and Christmas for all three girls.
Cannot beat 80% off!

   I saved $.40 per gallon using my Kroger points. I filled up the tank for about $35.00.  Every little bit helps.  I mostly shop at Kroger for my prescriptions so we are saving about $4 per month just with pharmacy costs.

  I am still using the bucket in the shower. I figure I am saving water for about 2-3 flushes per day.
It all adds up.

  Saving egg shells and coffee grounds for my compost pile.  This will be a great help for my garden
this year.

Well,  I think that is about it for my frugality last week.  It was a busy week with the holiday preps so I wasn't able to do anything else.
  What were you able to save on last week?

Frugal blessings,



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  1. If you would share your eggplant parmesan recipe, I would love it! We are also trying to do occasional meatless meals, you have encouraged us. We did a cheese lasagna this past weekend and it was very nice. We are in the process of moving, and will be living in our RV while looking for a new house, so not much room for meat in the tiny refrigerator. Thanks!