Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Week's Frugality

 Hello to all of my Readers!  I hope this post finds you and yours well and happy! It  has been a pretty good week here!  Nice weather--lots of sunshine!  I think the natural vitamin D is doing my moods a world of good!   Well....let's get to it!

   I packed my lunch 4 times last week.  Still not 5 days but it's better than 3!

  My DH helped me plant cabbage and one tomato plant.  He wanted to get it-it was $4.98 for one pretty big plant. I always wait and get the six pack of plants but he saw that it was called the Whopper and said he was a whopper of a guy and needed a whopper tomato plant!  Lol!  I didn't say a word because he has never taken much interest in gardening before!  I hope this is the beginning of a great relationship between DH and gardening! I can dream can't I?  After getting the above done he was pooped out so he kept me company while I planted some spinach, lettuce, herbs, and sunflowers.

  I was able to add 10 Ketchup (2/$1), 24 boxes of Mac and Cheese (3/$1), 10 large boxes of cereal($1 per box) and 4 bags of sugar(4 lb. bag for $1.50) to my pantry stash this week! I had a cart full for $30!  Go Me!

   I found a pair of jeans for myself at the Goodwill for only $3.50!  I certainly needed them.  I also found a drying rack there for just $3. I hung a load of towels to dry. I also hung up a load of clothes on the new drying rack. I hope to get a clothes line put back up asap to save electricity.  Drying them on the line in the laundry room takes so long and  I just love the scent of clothes dried in the sun!

   I made a triple batch of homemade granola!  My goodness is it yummy!  I added maple flavoring to the butter and honey mixture instead of vanilla.  So delish!

  I bought eggplant seeds!  This will be my first attempt at growing it--wish me luck!  We loved the eggplant parmesan so much--DH wants it more!! Score one for meatless meals!

   We still have the bucket catching waste water in the shower.

   My son cut my DH's hair with clippers borrowed from my Mother.  I trimmed my bangs a bit.

  I signed up for 3 free samples last week.  One shampoo,  and two tea bags. Have I told you I love receiving little gifts in the mail?  I know, I know....many times!
Well, that is about it for last week.  What did you save money on last week?

Frugal Blessings,








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