Monday, August 22, 2016

Last Week’s Frugality

   Last week was a very good frugal week!  I was able to stay under my grocery budget of $50 by $8 and we ate a lot from the freezer and the pantry last week. 

  I packed my lunch 4 days!

  We were given fresh tomatoes, zuchinni and squash by my best friend Sandie!  Thanks so much!

  I stayed under budget ($3 max) at the Goodwill last week.  Found The Cupcake Bible and a beautiful shade of (new) fingernail polish; both for $1.42!  The cupcake bible had a price tag of $12.99 on it and the polish had a price tag of $3.99 on it so I saved $15.56 on these two items alone!

 I saved marigold seeds for next year.  I have had some

gorgeous tall orange marigolds this year and hope to have more next year for free!

 I should be able to save the smaller dwarf seeds next week. I love saving seeds!

  I am propagating violets and herbs to give in baskets for Christmas presents! I love having a grow station!!

  Harvested basil to dry this week.  My basil is going crazy in the raised bed. Hope to harvest enough to do me all winter!  I want to chop it up and freeze in olive oil cubes for pesto!

  I bought apples and potatoes from the reduced bin at the grocery.  Got 4 lb. of apples for $1.50 and 10 lb. of potatoes for $1.50.  My stock up price for potatoes is $.20 per lb., so that was a great deal on the taters! 

  I found a bottle of Trop 50 (reduced sugar OJ) for just a dollar!  OJ is not a usual grocery item, but for this price I splurged!  I am diabetic so this is a real treat for me!

  I picked up several cups of yoghurt reduced to $.25 a cup to use in smoothies for my DH and I! A cheap, healthy alternative to milk shakes!

  We did eat out one night, but it was pizza from Little Caesars for $5.99.  We both enjoy this type of pizza and it is so cheap!

  I used my Kroger points to get gas.  Saved $.40 per gallon, so almost a $4 savings on the tank!

  I signed up for several free samples this week.

  We have been turning the AC units off at night in the Living room and dining room. That just leaves our bedroom unit on—hoping to reduce our electric bill next month. 

  We had egg omlettes for supper one night.  Super cheap, filling meal.  I had some onions and peppers in the fridge that I sauted for them.  Yummy with toast and homemade peach jam.

    I combined trips to save on gas. Said no to a shopping trip with my daughters to save on gas and to keep from spending!  Lol!

  All in all it was a good frugal week for us.  I am hoping this coming week will be even better!

What have you saved money on this week?

Frugal Blessings,



  1. Sounds like you did a great job in the frugal dept.

    I also have been coming in under budget for food. Eating as much fresh produce as possible is not only good for our health but our pocketbook too. I cleaned out the fridge this week before anything was growing green fur!! So that I could save all the little tidbits. I started a soup container in the freezer. It will be fall before you know it, and soup season! Also dehydrated some carrot peels that I had scrubbed well before peeling. I will put those in the food mill and make veggie powder to add to soups and casseroles this winter for added nutrition.

  2. Kim,
    I need to get a soup freezer container going in the freezer -- You are right, Soup season is just around the corner! I love the idea of drying veggies for veggie powder! I am going to have to start doing this! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I really love hearing from my blogging friends! Have a great week!