Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Last Week's Frugality

  Last week was not a no spend week.  I had budgeted for the food stuffs for my son's rehearsal dinner. It was as frugal a week as it could be though!  I went on the Kroger website and looked for coupons for foodstuffs I needed for the dinner. I also printed some coupons online.  I found coupons for meatballs, spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, and grilled chicken strips--all things I needed.  By perusing and clipping coupons, I saved over $15 on those items at Kroger!   I did the same at Meijer and saved $10 on more stuff for the dinner. 
  While on the MeijerMadness.com website I saw a deal for free Almay Deodorant.  I was able to print 3 coupons for $5.00 off any two Almay products.  The deodorant was on sale for $2.39 each. I was able to get 6 tubes of deodorant for FREE!  I haven't scored like this since double coupons went away!!  All in all this past week I saved over $80 with coupons!!! I made sure they all were things we needed, usually used. or needed for the dinner.  I think I impressed my DH!  Heck, I impressed myself!! 
   I used Kroger gas points to save 30 cents per gallon.  Almost a $3.00 savings! 
  I made a small wedding cake for a dear friends son's wedding.  I told her it was my gift for him.  When she and her DH picked it up, she gave me a thank you card with a visa gift card in it! It was so not necessary, but very much appreciated! Thanks Susan!
  My Mom invited us for supper one night. We really enjoyed the veggie soup!  Thanks Mom!
   I am still tending to my violets, basil, philodendrons, and other plants,  They are looking pretty good! 
   DH saved 2 more 2 liter bottles of water for our emergency stash.  He has been doing a great job for us!
 That is about it for me last week!  What did you save money on?

Frugal blessings,

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