Monday, September 12, 2016

My Portion of the Wedding Duties!

My son and his fiancé.
 Some of you may know my DS #1 is getting married on September 17th. As the Mother of the Groom, I don't have a ton to do but this is what I am responsible for:  The Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding cake and dessert table at the reception. 
    That may not seem like much but it is a lot when you are trying to DIY to save money.  The rehearsal dinner will not be catered.  I am cooking!The menu will consist of:   Vegetable Lasagna, meat lasagna, fettuccini alfredo with grilled chicken, tossed salad, everything bread and butter, Caprese salad, assorted olives, a vegetable tray and fruit tray -both with dip, cake and cheesecake for dessert.

   The kids opted to just have the rehearsal dinner in the church basement to keep things simple.  There is a lovely kitchen at my disposal there so I am not worrying too much! Plus, I have recruited my daughters and son-in-law to help me that Friday!  Love that I can depend on my family!!!

   I have been dreaming of the dessert buffet for months now!  My cousin Christina has volunteered to help me with it!  Here is what we have planned:   Wedding cake of course, a carrot cake, apple pie, peach pie, raspberry tartlets with white chocolate. lemon tartlets with fresh raspberries, Apple pie filled cupcakes, iced sugar cookies in the shape of sunflowers, Oreo truffles, buckeyes, and a small chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels and cookies to dip in the chocolate.  Oh and I cannot forget the brides choice--mini cherry cheesecakes!  Yes, that is all and yes, I took over a weeks vacation in order to get it all done! 

    I do not know what I would do without Christina's help!  We have both been looking so forward to creating a yummy, beautiful dessert buffet!  Lots of work but mmm ,mmm, good!

I cannot wait to show you the pics after the wedding!  Wish me luck!

Sweet Blessings,

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