Monday, August 7, 2017

Last Week's Frugality

Dried spinach, onions, and soup mix oven canned for my pantry!

  Last week we basically had a low spend week--just the basics we needed such as gas, milk, bread in addition to our budgeted groceries.   I was able to start building my pantry in the canned soup category for the coming fall and winter.  I like canned soups just in case of power outages.  Its easy to heat over sterno or a candle and is good!  I was able to add 3 of the family sized cans and a couple of the regular cans of canned soup to my pantry stash.  Not a huge thing but every little bit helps! 

    I was able to oven can some dried foods I purchased from Augason Farms last month!

    I also grated and froze zucchini in 2 cup baggies for winter use! Zucchini bread and fritters are yummy!
  I also had a pretty good sized cake/cupcake order! Some extra money to buy gas and some groceries with! Yeah Me!
    I have a challenge in  mind for you all.  Use $10 a week/biweekly or monthly (whatever your budget can handle) to build your pantry stash.  Put up food or dehydrate frozen peas, whatever you need to add to your pantry, squeeze $10 from your food budget to build it up for the coming cold weather.  Please share what you have purchased/added to your pantry stash so we can see how far you can make $10 stretch! We can touch base every week on our progress!

  I was able to get 4 qts of strawberries for $1 per qt.  That is as good as it gets here in NKY!

Well, that's about it for me--what have you saved on lately?  Remember to check back in next Monday about your challenge-see how much you can get for $10 to build your pantry!




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