Saturday, August 18, 2012

Great deals today!

image photo : Yard sale sign


 Today I have gotten many great deals!  Great deals on TP, banannas, and mushrooms and pork tenderloin.  Our local Meijer had a one day sale and my Mom and I got there at 6:30this morning! I was able to get angel soft TP 50% off and then I used coupons on top of that!  Can you say cheap TP?  I picked up 8 lbs. of banannas at 39 cents a lb. Cannot wait to dry most of them.  We love to snack on bananna chips! Got a lb. of mushrooms for $2. Not the best deal but I love mushrooms so I got them.
  Then went to our local County Mkt/IGA and found sliced pork tenderloin for $1.39 per pound.  I bought 7 pkgs. Yummy!!
   My son was off of work today and asked me to go yard saling with him. I found an ugly lane cedar chest filled with dress up clothes and more--Just $5! I am going to paint the chest and add new legs to it.  Cannot beat the price especially considering the Disney princess costumes inside. My Grand baby will love them!!  I have also been looking for Barbie furniture for Jordy for the Barbie house her Mommy is making her for Christmas--it is outrageously expensive on E-bay. I found several pieces in a tub of toys.  I dug them out and asked how much and the guy said I could have them for $1 if I took the whole tub.  So I did. There were 12 TY beanies and 2 newer barbie dolls plus tons of play kitchen stuff!  All  for One Dollar!
  As some of you may know, I decorate cakes.  I have the basics but have not been able to afford some of the more expensive cake decorating toys like an airbrush(which requires a small air compressor).  Guess what I found at another yard sale!  Thats right....a nice aircompressor and an airbrush!!! Only $20 Dollars and the lady gave me the airbrush colors as well.  Score!!!
  At that same yard sale, I bought a 3 piece patio bar set.  Just $20!!!! So I had my brother go pick it up for me. Such a bargain!  I'll post picks when I get everything cleaned up!

So, all in all, I had a great day shopping on the cheap. Have you found any great yard sale bargains?


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