Saturday, August 11, 2012

Drying more of your pantry stash!

   Recently there have been very severe storms here and we have lost power several times.  This has had me thinking that I have most of my food storage in freezers.  Freezers that run on electricity.  Freezers full of food that could be lost in an extended power outage. So, I decided to try to dry more food so that in an emergency we wouldn't lose as much of our stash.  I realize the dehydrator takes electric to dry the food but the freezer costs much more to store your foods.

   So, for the last few weeks I have been putting my dehydrator to good use.  I have been trying to empty out my freezers a bit to make room for meats and I had several bags of frozen peas and carrots Did you know you can dry frozen peas and carrots?   It's awesome!  No prep work needed!  Perfect for busy moms!  Drying them is the easiest thing in the world--just let them thaw and then place them on your dehydrator racks and dry on 135 degrees for 6 or so hours.    When they have cooled down, just  put in glass jars to store.  See, I told you, easy peasy!  When they go on sale at the super market. do not freeze them--dry them!!
Peas and carrots almost done!

I also picked up some mushrooms reduced at the market.
This is 2 small containers of sliced mushrooms.  Easy peasy as well--no prep required!

I sliced a pound of shortcut carrots I found on sale--this is what they shrunk down to!

   Drying your foods is a great way to preserve your stash.  Now it can be done with no prep needed at all.  It's a win -win! Saves time and money!



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  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for sharing this! There's a lot out there right now on dehydrating, so this is a timely post! I need to use my dehydrator more, and you have inspired me to do so! Blessings from Bama!