Friday, September 7, 2012

Extra Spice Storage

Good Morning! I just wanted to share an idea on how to be more organized in the kitchen. My spice cabinet is full to overflowing these days. So, I needed a way to get the excess off of my countertop and keep my most used spices handy. Here is my solution:

Plastic baskets(thrift store find), magnetic buttons(Walmart), and Quick Grip glue(Walmart)

Just let glue dry and place on the side of the refrigerator.

Now I don't have to duck everytime I open the spice cabinet door! Lol!! This would also be great for storing Kool-Aid packets, individual packets of oatmeal or anything small and light.  Skip the magnets and just hang in the pantry--on the side walls or the back of the door for out of sight storage.  You could also do this to small woven baskets as well. Wouldn't that be pretty! Maybe my next project!


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