Saturday, September 22, 2012

What's not to like about Pinterest?

I am addicted to Pinterest.  I love the great recipes, the storage ideas, the home decorating ideas and all of the garden décor.  I  have pinned tons of things I wanted to do and make.
The problems arose when I started making the recipes and doing decorating projects in my home.   The recipes had expensive ingredients, and I had to go buy things for the projects.     I wanted many new things.  Things I couldn’t really afford.  After pinning  daily for several weeks, I realized I was feeling dissatisfied with my home, my belongings and my life in general.  What good was looking at things I didn’t have and couldn’t afford?  I realized that my home, while not perfect, is a comfortable, liveable  place of refuge for me and my family.  We have adequate clothing, we have enough food to eat, and generally.... we have enough. Why make myself dissatisfied by spending my time wishing for things I do not need? So I have cut down on my use of Pinterest.  Have I given it up entirely?(please remember I am addicted to it but I now see the danger)  NO, but I am limiting my time on there and  trying to limit my pins to simple recipes and gardening tips.  I am grateful for what I have and I want to be happy about that, not dissatisfied because I want more.

Have you experienced dissatisfaction using Pinterest?



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  1. I use it for ideas, but I will not go out and buy special ingredients. Yes, there are a lot of things that would cost me a lot to do.

    Have a wonderful day.