Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Week's Frugality!

Hello to all my Blogging Friends!
  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day!  I sure did!  We had our Mothers out for dinner Sunday.  I had to cook but I love cooking so that was ok!  I was tired last night, so tired, but it was a good tired if you know what I mean!
 Last week I was able to pack my lunch all week. Yippee! Now I just need to keep it up this week.

   I signed up for several free samples and received a bunch this week.  Here is pic of what I received:
Have I told you I LOVE Getting Freebies in the mail!
Not bad-I'll be keeping the wipes in the car for little messes!
Sign up for baby products even if you don't have babies.  You can use most things but you can also save them up and put in a shower gift basket.
I cooked a turkey from the freezer for Mother's day dinner and had 2 containers of turkey for the freezer.  I picked that carcass clean! So I got 3 meals from the free turkey my company gave us at Christmas last year.  I know, I know I should have made stock but it was just so hot in the house and we had company coming. 
We had mashed potatoes from my 60 pounds that I bought last week.
I used the frozen fruit I had on hand to make our dessert for Mother's day dinner.  I also found a sugar-free angel food cake making my trifle very inexpensive but yummy!
The Vienna bread we ate for dinner was found on the reduced rack also. So I saved a bunch by using what I had on hand and buying the rest very inexpensively. 
I still have the bucket in the shower catching waste water and using it for flushing.
   I found a pair of like new New Balance  gym shoes at the Goodwill for just $3!  They are nicer than the ones I am currently wearing.  I also picked up 2 scrub tops for my DD.  $3.29 for 2 Dickies brand scrub tops is a fantastic deal!
We have been suffering through the heat without the AC.  It has been in the 80's but I refuse to use them until at least June. Still paying on my huge electric bill.  I need to catch up before we start using the AC and rack up higher bills again.
The Light Nazi has been very busy this week!  Keep reminding the family to turn off lights when they leave a room.
A  broken tooth required an after hours visit to the urgent dental care office Monday for extraction.  The dentist said he could save the tooth but it would be very expensive.  I chose to have an extraction instead. It was $50 with my dental insurance.  Cheaper is not always better in this case but I will be needing a partial plate soon anyway. So I will be saving for that.
The Sunday paper had over $300 worth of coupons in it so I bought one Sunday. I'll need to use over $2 in coupons to break even on buying it but  I do save the funnies for birthday gift wrap and save the rest of the paper for fire starting in the cooler months. So it is worth buying!
  Well, I guess that is all for me, What have you done to save money last week?
Frugal blessings,

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