Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Frugal Journey aka Deprivation Diary

In the last few weeks, my life has changed or should I say I have imposed a moratorium on spending! For my families financial health we have had to cut back to the bone. This series,  My Frugal Journey aka Deprivation Diary, will chronicle my journey with sticking to a bare bones budget.   I'm hoping this helps others in their quest for better financial health! are not alone!  Others are going through the same thing you are!  With this economy there is no doubt.

  I have been feeling really deprived the last few days. Bad habits are hard to break. Trying to get over the fast food cravings! Last night I just wanted a Subway sub so badly but I resisted!  Yeah me!  It feels good to know I stuck to my budget!   I also had to go to Kroger to get prescriptions filled.  I am happy to tell you I didn't purchase anything but the meds!  Any other time I would have been looking for a bargain to buy.  Just because it is a great deal doesn't mean it is in the budget.

    On the upside of my budgeting, I think I have lost a few pounds. Just not buying a candy bar here and there and no fast food seems to be helping in more ways than one!

  I am still struggling with not buying anything that is not absolutely needed. I feel deprived.  I see people on Facebook going on vacations or going places and I wonder how they can afford to go and do all that they do.  I suppose some of them made better choices than I did when they were young.  I also suspect some are using plastic to fund their activities. I refuse to do that.

   And don't even get me started on Pinterest!  That is a sure path to dissatisfaction in your life. 
 Maybe I need to stay away from social media a little more!

  Till next time!

Frugal Blessings,


  1. Haha - when I was trying to keep costs down on a lean budget, I had the itch to shop, so I went to the dollar store to buy a couple of things. I figured a few dollars wouldn't hurt anything and I would feel good about buying stuff. Well... stuff seemed to crawl into my basket by itself. By the time I got to the checkstand I had over $40 worth of stuff that I just HAD to have! So, I know exactly what you are going through. Hang in there, you will be glad you did.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Vickie! We have a Dollar Tree in our town and I never get out of there under $20! It has been hard but I am gaining a little more respect for myself for doing without and sticking to the budget plan. I so appreciate your comment and I hope you stop back again!

  3. I feel encouraged by your post. I have been trying to not feel badly that we cannot splurge on anything, but we just cannot. Sometimes it helps to read words from others also cutting back, when we look around and see others just spending like crazy. I tried to teach my son to make do with what you have and need, and don't go overboard on things you just "want". Somewhere along the line I fell off the wagon, but now I'm working on my "attitude" towards spending. Thanks as always!

  4. You were always so encouraging. Haven't seen your posts or FB in a long time. Keep us posted, please.