Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fast and Frugal Christmad Gifts

    Did you know that Christmas is only 154 days away as of today?  Well, I have been keeping track of it and have gotten lots of gifts made and ordered,   I have been making Sashay scarves for the females on my Christmas list. This is a fast, easy, too cute scarf you can make with minimal, and I do mean minimal crochet skills. The Sashay yarn costs anywhere from $3.29-$4 79 in my area and you can whip one out in about an hour and a half. This is a  fast project for my short attention span!
Here is the tutorial I used: sahay scarf .  I found it to be the easiest method.  You should really give it a try!  Fast and easy gifts!

Sisters market tote 
    If you are looking to buy inexpensive gifts for  the females in your life, Longaberger has some adorable cloth purses on sale.  Click here to see some great purses  and accessories that would be great,  cheap gifts for Christmas!  I took care of my Mother's gift, my MIL's gift, and my SIL's gifts for Christmas along with a purse or two for me for less than $50! And they are Longaberger!!!  Check out the Sisters market tote--just $4.50!
   Have you gotten your Christmas shopping started yet?  I start  looking for gifts the day after Christmas so I can get my shopping done by Thanksgiving--makes for a more relaxing Holiday season!

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