Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Week's Frugality

Hello !  Hope this post finds you well and happy!

     Last week, just so you know, I was on vacation  so we did eat out several times....make that a lot!
What kind of vacation would it be if I were chained to the stove every meal, I ask you.  Not a very good one for me! I did use coupons when it was possible if that helps any!

   I did get 4 jars of peach jam canned along with 3 jars of cherry jam and 2 pints of blueberry syrup!
All of the fruit used was found on sale at the market. Goodness, I feel so much satisfaction when I can......I just love it and small batch canning is perfect for me.  You see, I get bored quickly, so small batches are perfect for me and my short attention span.

  I have been watching the blackberries along my Mother's drive and our barn.  I see lots of blackberry jam and blackberry cobbler in my future.

  Vacation is over!  Back to life, back to frugality!



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