Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Last Week's Frugality Or Not!!

    Last week was not a frugal week at all!  I took two vacation days and both were very costly!  Day one Tom and I both had Dr. appointments.  Can you say $80 in  copays? Cha ching!!   Then add the cost of several new prescriptions and we were close to $150.  After my come to Jesus appointment with my diabetes Dr., I had to purchase/invest in food that I am able to eat.   My diabetes has honestly been out of control so I have to eat right and get my numbers down. Add about $100 to the days total. OUCH!
  Day two was better but still costly.   I took my Mother to her physical therapy and then the Goodwill.  Since we were gone so long, we ate out for lunch.  I was good and just had a hamburger with only half of the bun and an iced tea. But still it was an expense.  We stopped by the grocery again for a family reunion on Saturday.  I purchased the ham and a #10 can of green beans to take.  I was also asked to make my strawberry trifle. So all in all, I spent at least $30 on food and drinks for the reunion. Cha ching again!!
  Hopefully, I can get back on the frugal bandwagon next week. But wait....Kait graduates from NKU Saturday!  That means we will be running around picking up the grandmas using extra gas, going to the pinning ceremony on Thursday and then Graduation Saturday.  Guess what we are doing for her Graduation and Mother's Day?  Going out to eat after graduation. Dinner for 12 at O'Charley's.  Major Cha ching!!!!!
  I guess it's a good thing I get 3 paychecks this month!!  Thank you Lord!

  Have you been able to save money lately?  I need your inspiration to get back on the band wagon so please share!



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