Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Last Week's Frugality

   Last week I saved money by using my Kroger points to save $.30 per gallon of gas. Saved $3 on a tank!

  Bought 2-2lb. bags of  pinto and 2-2lb. bags of northern beans on sale for $1 each!  Yeah 8lbs. of dried beans for just $.50 per pound!  Great additions to my stash!

  Bought 3 boxes of corn flakes for $1 per box. Bought 9 lbs. of apples $1.50 per 3 lb. bag. Guess what I am going to be making this week!  Apple Butter!

  Picked up 5 blocks of cream cheese for $1 each.  I will need lots of this for the holidays!

   Stuffing mixes were only $1 so I got 6 for my stash and for Thanksgiving. Powdered sugar was $1.00 for a 2lb. bag. Since I bake, I bought 10 of these.  Large jars of dill slices were $1 so I bought one of those. All in all I found some great deals at our local County Market! My stash is looking better and better!

  We were able to open the windows this week and just use the fans. The light Nazi has been keeping lights off as much as possible. :)  I hope our electric bill reflects our commitment to reducing our bill!

   I made a birthday cake for a lady at work. That $30 will help out with this weeks budget!

  I stayed way under my goodwill budget of $5. I only spent $ .85 on our last visit!

  All in all it was a pretty fugal week.  We tried to stay home as much as possible and combine trips if we had to go out.

  My daughter is getting married next year so saving money is a priority now!  We committed to paying for the food and drinks for the wedding so we are going to have our work cut out for us.
No vacation again next year!  Oh well, we will survive; We are starting to get good at it!



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