Monday, November 7, 2016

Last Week's Frugality

Last week was a very good week for our family frugality wise!  I wish all week's were so good!
    Our local Meijer had the 10 for 10 get the 11th free sale.  I coupled this with coupons to get some great deals and help stock my pantry.  The Progresso soup was 10 for 10 and I had coupons for $1 off of three = $.57.  It is usually $2.19 or more per can! Cha-ching! I purchased 9 cans for the pantry!
    The Campbell's soup was $.49 per can and I had coupons for $1 off of 5 cans= $.29 per can chicken noodle and tomato soups. I purchased 10 of each for the pantry.
  I was able to get 8 boxes of Cheerios for just ....$.49 per box!!  Picture me doing the happy dance!
    Thomas's English muffins were on sale buy one get 2 free so I purchased three. English muffins are much better for me than bagels or biscuits because of my diabetes.

   Luden's cough drops were on sale for $1.19 per bag. I used a $1 off 2 coupon = $.69 cough drops and added 4 to my pantry!  There is no doubt we will need them this winter!

   Even with the above purchases, I stayed well within my $50 per week budget and built up my pantry for the winter!  We are still eating out of the freezer as much as possible!

    I stopped at Kroger for the 2 freebie items.  One was a package of frozen Kroger's veggies and the other was a free box of Kroger band aids. Good thing I got the band aids--DH cut his arm working in the yard Sunday!

    I packed my lunch all week. I drank water instead of tea each day!
     I picked sage out of the herb garden  to dry for our Thanksgiving meal. Also harvested basil, and oregano to dry.  I saved some marigold seeds for next years flower garden, then I picked the last of the live marigolds and put in a vase for my Momma.  They are her favorite flowers!

    I canned 6 pints of apple butter.  Also made apple jelly(4 pints) but it doesn't seem to be setting so I guess we will have apple pancake syrup instead! Either way its a win! We will be using it all one way or another!

    My mother made cornbread for supper one night and we froze the leftovers for our stuffing for Thanksgiving. Momma's stuffing is amazing!!

    I signed up for several freebies on line this week.  When they arrive it's almost like Christmas! I get so excited!

    I stayed with in my goodwill budget this week--only spent $3.45 out of my $5 budget!  I picked up a set of photo ornaments for a Christmas gift and 2 vases for my daughters wedding.
Well,  that's about it for me , what have you saved money on this week?

Frugal Blessings,




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