Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hello Again!

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Hello Dear Readers,
    I haven't posted in over six months--Life happens I guess.  After experiencing horrible gas pains for several weeks, I finally went to the Emergency Room at our local hospital.  I had been really hesitant to go because I didn't want to be told it was just gas pains--how embarrassing that would have been as I work there! So finally it got so bad I went. I had a CT scan and was told I had malignant cancer-No biopsy needed for them to tell as there were several spots found during the ct.  Talk about gobsmacked. I was devastated and so was my family!  I still wanted to be sure with the biopsy though!  Not quite wanting to believe the docs.

  So I had surgery the next day and a large tumor was removed, along with a section of my colon, a piece of the omentum(cover for the intestines), and 24 regional lymph nodes.  I was blessed not to have needed a bag.  Not sure I could have taken having  to have a poop bag! 
  So during my 7day hospital stay, the biopsy said the cancer was in fact malignant and was in 5 of the lymph nodes--stage 4.  I also have a tiny spot on my lung that is presumed to be cancerous.  Let me tell you the biopsy news was the first time I cried.  I think I was just in shock and not wanting to believe it was true.  Cancer Drs. visited me, appointments were made for my port insertion, and then chemo appointments were set, and home I went.  Scared to death!!  I had CANCER!!!!! 
  The Saturday after I was released I cried all day long.  My first of many pity parties!!!  I am not sure how my Husband dealt with me that day, but he was wonderful!!  So caring and gentle with me when I know he wanted to cry with me too but he didn't.  He held it together so I could cry it out!  Love him dearly!!  My children were my rocks as well when they were scared out of their mind also.
  So fast forward 6 months and I have just one more chemo treatment!! That's right, my last chemo starts on Monday!  #12!!!  I have my ct scan this Friday so I am hoping nothing new shows up!  I will find out if I am done with treatments or starting more.   Lots of things going on in my head right now--possible disability, more treatments, statistics,bills, and much, much more! With all of the bills, I will be posting how we have been trying to be frugal and save money and posting about my future treatments  and the possible changes in our lives!
  So thanks for visiting and hopefully I can post much more often!
Blessings to all,

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