Monday, July 31, 2017

Last Week's Frugality


  Last week was  a very tight week financially as I have used up all of my PTO at work due to my cancer.  My check was short over $200 last Friday. Boy did that hurt!  I had to push back some bills until next check (I hate doing that) but it has to happen.  WE basically have had a spend free week-except for a few things at the grocery-Milk, eggs (which were on sale $.69 for 18 eggs!), and bread.

  We have not gone anywhere (except Kroger for meds and basics)to spend or to use up my gas. Staying home and not spending is the best way to save!!

  I have been eating breakfast at home each morning—I got into the habit of eating breakfast and lunch at work because I didn’t feel up to the extra work involved with making b-fast or packing my lunch!  But needs must and I am trying to eat at home and pack my lunch everyday! Lunch was catered at work Wednesday!

  I made up a menu for dinner this week using what we have on hand and trying to reduce costs of each meal a little.  Like having spaghetti with sauce (Prego I found on sale at Meijer) and very little ground beef. Just cut the amount you usually use in half.  If the budget is uber tight, then cut meat out totally. 

  We were gifted a large mess of green beans by my cousin which we cheerfully broke and cooked!  We ate on those beans for 3 days!  Leftovers are a great way to save!

  We were also gifted 7 large zucchini, and several cukes from my uncle-Thanks Uncle Howard.  I am grating the zucchini, and packing it into 2 cup portions for bread this winter.  We also use it in a Spring pasta stir fry with noodles, and also grill slices of zucchini as a side dish! Waste not Want not!   

  Well, that’s about it for last week. What have you done to save money lately??

Frugal Blessings,



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