Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

I did pack my lunch every day last week! I told you I would!! I must confess one day I didn’t take enough so I bought a piece of chicken and a scoop of mashed taters from the cafeteria. That hit the spot. I didn’t have much for breakfast that morning—lesson learned! I made my own coffee at home and didn’t buy any on my way to work or at the cafeteria! I cooked dinner each night—no ordering out! My family ate the food I batched up for breakfast this week and loved it! Sunday I batched up pancakes for this week and cooked sausage for the guys. Tom loves the Mcd’s McGriddles so I made him several for the freezer for the next two weeks. I stocked up on the diced tomatoes at Kroger—49 cents per can! We use these all of the time. Also stocked up on Campbell’s soup and Tuna—both were on sale at my stock up prices. I was able to get 2 turkeys for less than 60 cents a lb. I am still looking for several more turkeys for the freezer. I hope to bake extra at Thanksgiving and freeze the meat in meal sized portions. Toilet paper was ½ off at Meijer. I bought 4 pkgs(limit ) and my Mom got 4 for me as well. That should last a few days at my house! Lol! I found a Disney Baby Doll at the goodwill for $1.00 for my niece for Christmas!It is in perfect shape and she will love it! I bought the $10 worth of candles, flashlights and matches for my Readiness Challenge. Dollar Tree Rocks! So while I did spend more than I wanted, all groceries were at my stock up prices! My stash is looking good! What did you save on this week? Blessings, Lisa


  1. I am loving your blog! Living frugal can be hard! My little family is down to one income, because I decided to stay at home with my son for a little while. I've spent too much of the three years of his life working with other children and not my own! I also noticed your a KY girl, I am as well! Happy Blogging and Blessings Always!

  2. Lyn,
    So nice to know you are from KY. I am in Northern Ky and love living here! I was able to stay home with my kids several years when they were young. It was a financial sacrifice but a great investment in our family. I still cherish those wonderful days with them. Good luck in your frugal adventures and I hope to have you stop back real soon! I just love hearing from new blogging friends!
    Blessings to you!