Sunday, November 17, 2013

Readiness Challenge 3

How did you do on the Readiness Challenge 2?  Did you stock up on anything?
 Here are the supplies I purchased for about $10 for Readiness Challenge 2:

matches, candles, flashlight and batteries
Are you ready for an emergency?   As I write this severe weather is expected in my area soon and I am so glad I have been improving  my stash of emergency supplies! Would you have to depend on the government for food if there was an emergency?  You may go hungry if you do!   So The Readiness Challenge 3 is to stock up food supplies for immediate use in an emergency.  Many of you may store beans and rice and wheat and that is great, but these things will be harder to prepare under hardship conditions.  I recommend having canned goods on hand to be able to just heat and eat until you get your bearings in an emergency.  You can stock up on store bought canned foods like ravioli, soups, stews, fruits and many other items or you can stock up on your home canned foods.  Meats, soups and stews all can be home canned for daily and emergency use-home canned fruits and veggies as well.  Whichever you prefer, just stock up on something that you can just heat and eat easily. 

  Give yourself time to breathe before you must figure out the daily “how tos“ of emergency living.  Remember we are trying to stick to an amount of $10.00 per challenge.  I realize this won’t buy all of the food on your emergency needs list, but it will be a start and some is better than none!
  With prepping on a regular basis, we can feel more confident in our abilities to endure an emergency -be it terroristic or Mother Nature’s wrath.  I hope you will all continue to take responsibility for your family’s safety with my Readiness Challenges.  We can  prepare together!
Please keep those in Illinois and other areas that have suffered loss during this storm system in your prayers.
Safe Blessings,
 PS   Those supplies came in handy tonight!  We had bad storms, high winds, and power failure!

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