Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To-do List

In order to accomplish my goals this year,(my goals are posted on the right margin) I have taken them and broken them down into weekly to do lists.  I really need, need, need, to increase my income by at least $200 per month.  We have lots of catching up to do on saving for retirement and paying ahead on our mortgage so this is crucial!
So here is my To-Do List this week:
1.     Make 3 loaves of artisan bread

2.     Purchase Soap Ingredients

3.     List 3 items on E-bay

4.     Join 10 Blog Hops

5.     Post comments on at least 5 blogs

6.     Serve 2 meatless meals

7.     Write 2 blog posts for next week

8.     Write down my meal plan for the week 

I hope by posting my to-do list weekly, that you, my readers, will help with accountability and encouragement!   I’ll be posting this weekly and reporting on my progress each week!  What are you doing to accomplish your goals?






  1. Your to do list is very encouraging to me. It keeps me on my toes! Thank you!!

  2. I know that to do lists really help me accomplish my goals also! Thanks for linking to TTF!