Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last Week's Frugality

     Last week the grocery stores had some great prices on fruit and veggies.  You better believe I took advantage of the sales!
      I bought 6 pkgs. of red raspberries($1 each) and made raspberry jam. I canned 9  1/2 pints!  It tastes amazing and I was able to use some as cake filling in my granddaughter's birthday cake.  Mmm, mmm, good!
   I found a bag of broccoli and carrots on sale for $.50.  I served them with ranch dressing and  these were devoured at the birthday party.  Can you say cheap appetizer?

  Purchased a Caeser Salad kit for $.50 also.  Used some lettuce for the burgers at the Birthday party, and packed the rest of the salad kit for lunch. Great savings!

  I had left over cake batter when I baked my grand daughter's birthday cake so instead of wasting it, I bakes the rest in small 6 inch pans, frosted them and them froze for a quick dessert.

  There were lots of left overs from the birthday party so I intend to use them for meals this week. Waste not want not, right?

  I added a large can of condensed chicken noodle soup to my emergency stash.  This will be easy to heat in a power outage and can be used if we get sick this fall and winter.  I am trying to add at least one easy to heat and serve canned good to my emergency stash per week.  This is in addition to my normal shopping and stocking up.   Little by little my emergency stash is building up. Need to start increasing my water supplies next week though!

   Low and behold, my DH is finally saving cans.  He insists on drinking soda as does my Mother so I told him to start saving cans or I wouldn't be buying any more soft drinks.  My ultimatum worked and he has been saving all of the aluminum cans so we can sell them. Not much to be earned but it will help cover some of the soft drink cost.

  We had to go ahead and start using the air conditions. I hated to do it but my Momma has COPD and the heat is bothersome. We are able to turn it off at night so that is some savings!

  I signed up for several freebies last week- Lotion and shampoo! I just love getting them in the mail!

Well, I guess that about covers it at my house!  How did you save money last week?

Frugal Blessings,



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