Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Last Three Days


The past three days have been very busy.  Tom had a MRI scheduled Friday, so I had to take off from work to take him.  We were lucky enough to have the follow up appt. 3 hours after the MRI--such a blessing( I loose my mind waiting and worrying if we have to wait a week)!! My DH has a low grade Glioma(brain tumor) that so far is very stable. The grey ribbon is for Brain Tumor Awareness.
    He goes for a MRI now every 12 months if I can stand waiting that long! You see I panic if he starts to have more symptoms of anything after about 6-9 months.  His tumor is likely to change at some point or so I am told so I feel like there is a huge weight hanging over my head all of the time. We are blessed that it isn't any worse than it is!  Thank you God!!
  Saturday we celebrated my DD#1's Birthday.  She is 27 now--my...where does the time go?  DS#2 suggested we have homemade mexican food for supper for her.  He said he would make his tamales if I would help. So...I said sure. Not so smart of a move. We went shopping for supplies which was nice spending time with him, but spent way too much!  I mean way too much!  
  We got home and proceeded to start making the tamales--long process.  Corn husks have to boil for an hour. Baked the chicken, and started the black beans for black beans and rice.  My stove was on  from 9am til 4 pm cooking this meal.
Soaked brown rice then cooked in rice cooker.  Made corn and black bean relish, homemade guacamole, then chopped tomatoes and shredded lettuce.
  I should have ordered pizza.  Next year I will order Pizza. The food was great but oh  so labor intensive.  Pizza it will be next year.

  Sunday was a little better.  Ran dishwasher twice trying to clean up every dirty dish in my kitchen from Saturday night.  Cleaned pool then DH suprised me by coming swimming in the pool.  He has to wear a ski vest because he has seizures.
Spent about an hour with him until he had a seizure in the pool.  That ski vest sure was worth its money!!  Got out then made lunch.  Watered my herbs and house plants then did laundry.

 Phewww!!  I'll be glad to get back to work!  How was your weekend?


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