Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gratitude Tuesday

   I have so much to be grateful for it is hard to just choose one thing.  But this morning my Mother is the person I am so grateful for in my life.  She lives next door so I go get her every morning before work so we can visit a while over a cup of coffee.  My favorite time for visiting--family is still sleeping!
  Well, this morning she brought breakfast for me--my favorite--fried pork tenderloin, red eye gravy, and biscuits.  Yum..I know, right?  This was such a nice thing to do. 

 She is such a strong person--gives me stregnth to keep going. You see, my mom has been though more than anyone should have to go through. She has lost 2 husbands, her parents, and one child.  All within an eleven year span.  And she is still standing.  Amazing, right?  She is one tough lady!  But my tough lady is starting to decline.  She has several health issues and will not be able to stay by herself much longer.(She will be moving in with me!!)It's so hard to watch.

 So I am so grateful to my Momma for showing me how to be strong, take what life gives me and carry on.  Oh, and I also am thankful for her bringing me breakfast on occasion--thanks so much Momma!  You are the BEST!

What/who are you grateful for today?


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