Monday, July 11, 2011

Home Processor Certification


Yeah!!!  I received my Certificate for Home Processing!  I can now can and sell jams and jellies and bake homemade breads!!  I am so excited--Can you tell by the number of exclamation points in this post! Yep,  I am excited.

  I plan on making apple jelly and apple butter, zuchinni jam and bread, and  pumpkin breads.  Cannot wait to get started!


PS  I will have a table at the  Saddle Club in Melbourne KY on July 23rd 9am-2pm. 
Soap, bath teas, and spa shower bags will be available as well as a few basil and succulent plants.  Hope to see you there.


  1. How do you get a Certificate for Home Processing? I wanted to sell some of my jams at the farmer's market, I didn't know you needed one. Thanks.

  2. I applied to the food saftey division of the state cabinet of health and family services. It was just a matter of applying. Only stipulation is only jams, jellies, breads, cakes, cookies can be sold and all must be properly labeled. Allowed to sell at state registered farmers mkts. and from my property. Also main ingredients must be grown at your property. Just check on your state web page for info. Good luck! I tried to comment on your strawberry post but it wouldn't let me--must be a glitch! Thanks for checking out my blog! I appreciate it!