Monday, October 3, 2011

Goal Progress

  Well, some goals are coming right along but others are lagging so far behind!

      My Christmas shopping is almost completed.  I have my DH , My DD#2, my Grandaughter, my MIL, my 2 nieces, my SILand BIL, my brother and SIL all done. I still have my 2 sons to buy for, my DD#1 and her hubby, and my mom.  I am getting closer to meeting this goal!! I thinK I will be able to meet it!

  My cherry bomb/cordials are done-Yeah!

  My pot-pourri is done--just need to bag it!

     I just have a few things for Holiday food stuffs to buy.  I'll be using coupons from this weeks paper to finish off my list. Still needed: Town House Crackers, chocolate chips, pecans, frozen broccoli, and cream cheese.

    I still need to get my jelly made--need Mtn. Dew for my Dewdrop jelly.  I have my canned apple juice and canned grape juice waiting.  If I can find Strawberries fairly cheap, I want to make some Strawberry jam for us.  I did purchase the lids, rings, and pectins needed though.  Just need to find the time!

  Weight loss goal is hopeless, hopeless I tell you.  Unfortunately, I take comfort in food when I am stressed/depressed--Which is my life these days. So this goal will probably not be met at this time.  I'm trying to walk more and my son is getting a nice treadmill--maybe I can use this and walk off some stress! I can hope!

  I'm thinking I need to set a few more goals for myself--need to get so much done.  In November, we are going out of town 2 weekends and Tom may be spending a week in the hospital for testing.  Busy month already!

     Next goal--Get Chrismas cards done by October 31st.  Addressed and stamped-ready to mail. I make my Christmas Cards with Stampin Up supplies.   Love to cut, stamp and embellish!

  Last year in an effort to be green, I made cloth gift bags to put most of my family's gifts in.  I chose solids and Christmas print fabrics and just sewed up  simple bags in many shapes and sizes. They all looked like various sized Santa sacks sitting around our tree with ribbons and handmade tags on them. So very cute.  I need to make more.  I just hate buying and throwing away all of the wrapping paper that was so expensive and not to mention--wasteful. I think I will need to make 10 more "green" gift bags by November 15th.  I refuse to buy anymore Christmas wrapping paper.  We reuse any and all gift bags we are given.  They get folded up and saved. One bag was reused between my SIL and myself until it ripped!  A long time--several years of use!
 So have you set any goals for yourself and if so how is your progress?



  1. I will freeze my berries when they are in season and then make jam when I have time. I made 14 & 1/2 pints of jam yesterday and today. I have enough to make a couple more batches if I want.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Nothing tastier than homemade jams and jellies!