Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Menu

#56336 Royalty-Free (Rf) Clip Art Illustration Of A Thanksgiving Turkey Bird Wearing A Pilgrim Hat And Standing In Fall Leaves by pushkin
This year my Mother and I sat down and planned out our Thanksgiving Menu. We usually have basically the same meal every year give or take a side dish or two!
So here is our menu and who is doing what!

Turkey and Turkey breast--Mom and Me
Mom's cornbread stuffing-Mom
Make ahead mashed potatoes-Me
Baked sweet potatoes--SIL
Green beans-Canned this past summer-Me
Corn on the cob-frozen this past summer-Me
Broccolli and Cheese casserole-Me
Roasted root veggies with Rosemary--Me
My son's favorite -Apple sausage stuffing-Jonathan
Baked cheesey cauliflower-Mom
Cranberry Sauce-Ocean spray
Fresh baked bread-Me
Pumpkin bread-Me
Pumpkin Pie-Me
Pecan Pie-Me
Apple Pie-Sara Lee
Carrot Cake-Mom
Warm apple cider--Me

We usually have about 14 people at my house for dinner--All immediate family!
Tom and I have 4 children and My DD#1 is married and has one child. My brother is married with 2 children and Mine and Tom's Mothers are both coming.

   I always plan the menu early and start shopping for all needed foodstuffs early in November. We figure who is bringing/making what and post a copy of all on the refrigerator(aka The Command Center).  I gather the recipes together so I won't have trouble finding them when needed.
   I am contemplating my table centerpiece. I really do not want to spend any money for it so I was thinking candles in mason jars with jute string tied around the top all lined up in a row on a runner.  I think I will put brown sugar in the bottom of the jars to hold the votive candles I got at the Yankee outlet Store(pumpkin spice scent).  I have a pretty little ceramic pumpkin that would look cute sitting in the middle of 4 jars with silk fall leaves scattered on the table around the jars and pumpkin.  Here are the pics that inspired me:

What do you think? Do you think it will look ok? Do you have your centerpieces planned out?  Are you buying flowers or being frugal!
I'll be sure to post pics of my centerpiece on Thanksgiving Day!
Have fun planning!


  1. Love the mason jars with candles and how prepared you are. I am being frugal. I would love a centerpiece but I have a set of pumpkins that will do.
    Hugs Trace


  2. I like the mason jar centerpiece. I really like that you've prepared a list so everyone knows what to do, and you get help. I am having my family over too, there will be 25+ and I can only count on my oven and my Mom's oven. We need to get more organized like you've done. Great tip. Thanks.