Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Accomplishments

I accomplished pretty much yesterday.  Tom was not feeling very well so we just stayed home--he was in bed most of the day. My family all sat down to a big breakfast yesterday morning.  That hasn't happened in months--everyone is so busy.  I enjoyed it tremendously.
   Laura at Heavenly Homemaker blogged about how to bake small pie pumpkins and how to get pumpkin puree made from them. I did this and it was so easy peasy--pics to come later. I have a large container of beautiful pureed pumpkin just waiting for Thanksgiving preparations.
 Jelly making is on my goal list. So I made 2 batches of jelly--one batch lemon kool-aid and one grape batch. For some reason there were tons of air bubbles in the lemon so it looks cloudy.  Anyone know how/why this would happen?  I did skim the foam off of the top. The grape turned out great though!
  Every towel in my house was dirty, so I washed 3 loads of towels and then did my work clothes along with Toms clothes. I think I ran up and down the steps 40 times all day. MY poor knees! I'll pay for that today!
 Little by little, I am getting rid of clutter in my living room, dining room and kitchen. You probably wouldn't notice, but it is getting better-I can tell!! lol
  By some of your standards this wasn't much to accomplish, but for me it was a lot!
  I hope you all had a productive weekend!



  1. I hope that your husband has a better day today. I am not sure why your jelly would have air bubbles in it.

    I like making my own pumpkin puree. I think it tastes so much better. We have even cooked up some butternut squash, without any seasonings on it, and used that for "pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread". You can't taste any difference once the seasonings are mixed in with it.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Butternut squash is on my list of garden items to grow next spring! I sure hope my puree is good! It looks so pretty if puree can be Pretty!
    Take care of yourself and i hope you are feeling better.