Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whole Foods Journey--Grocery Shopping Changes

    Yesterday I went grocery shopping and realized how much my shopping habits will have to change. I kept wanting to get lots of the processed foods that I have depended on to feed my family.  I would turn down an aisle and then say to myself--I don't want to buy any of this stuff. So mostly I shopped the perimeter of the store with a few exceptions.  I needed canned tuna, frozen berries, and my beans; otherwise I stayed mostly on the perimeter.
    Even staying out of the center aisles is tricky.  There are so many processed products in the dairy, and meat sections.  I am trying to stay away from processed meats like hotdogs, sausage, and processed lunch meats. The additives cannot be good for you. But it is hard--We love the cocktail smokies in BBQ sauce, we love pepperoni and salami, we love coneys. So, I guess my answer will be to have these as a special treat, not as a staple of our food pantry. 
   On a more positive note, I found lots of produce on the clearance rack and it was good stuff.  Cantaloupe $.75 each, yellow peppers 3/$1.05, mushrooms $1.20 per package, and a large container of  cut up veggies for $2.64.

   All in all it was a good shopping trip--a difficult one, but very productive.  They say you have to repeat new behaviors many times before they become habit so I guess I am on my way to healthier grocery shopping for my family!   Another baby step on my whole foods journey.



  1. You got some good deals. It is hard to stay away from the processed foods. We have them occasionally. For the most part, we do cooking from scratch. Keep it up and do little changes at a time.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  2. Thanks Cheryl! I am going to need all of the encouragement I can get!

  3. I understand about the processed meats. They are so tasty. But once you go for a while without them, hotdogs for that special occasion will no longer be a special treat because they will make you sick.