Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just ordered a Dehydrator!!

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Wow,  little things in life make me so happy!  I just placed my order for a Nesco Dehydrator.  I am so looking forward to drying my own veggies, making fruit leather, and making beef jerky. This is going to be so nifty--beef jerky is so expensive but my family just loves it.  I cannot wait to make all natural fruit leather for my grand baby!  She will adore it especially sweetened with honey(don't worry, she is almost 3). 
 I am looking forward to being able to take advantage of sales and garden surplus.  Look for posts in the near future about my foray into dehydrating!
If anyone has any advice or recipes for jerky, please let me know!
Thank you!


  1. I've always bought my jerky supplies at Walmart. I have a jerky works kit from there. I think it was made by Nesco. They did have different flavors of jerky mix too. I was never adventurous enough to mix my own. Maybe you want to try your chili seasonings from an earlier blog? I've always used ground meat for my jerky, it was easier for me. As far as fruit I dried apples and bananas. My bananas didn't turn out too good!! lol Good luck!

  2. You're going to love it! Oh the possiblities.....

  3. I will check out Walmart for the jerky spices==thanks. I know I'll love it--cannot wait to start experimenting!!