Monday, November 19, 2012

Diabetics Holiday Survival Guide-Recipe

    My biggest problem in life is that I like to eat!  I mean, I love to eat!  If you have seen pics of me, it is obvious that I love to eat!  Our family gatherings revolve around food—right or wrong-- that is how it is and probably always will be. So in order to control my diabetes, I make substitutions so I do not feel deprived—because deprivation is depressing and I do not want to be any more depressed than I already am!! J I am allowed to poke fun at myself, but I digress. So, here is a recipe that I adapted from the Philly 3 step cheesecake recipe—my old go to cheesecake recipe. I have eliminated the carbs from the typical crust-substituted nuts and a Tbls. of Flour instead. (Think easy bisquick no crust pies)I have used Splenda to replace the sugar. I do not know the exact exchange but this is a much better option for diabetics.

Lisa’s Low Carb Cheesecake 

4- 8oz. pkgs. Cream Cheese
1 ½ cup Splenda
1 tsp. vanilla
4 eggs
1 heaping  Tblsp. Of flour
3/4 cup finely chopped nuts—your choice—pecans, almonds or walnuts 

Mix all ingredients except nuts in a mixer—do not over mix.
Spray a 10 inch springform pan with Pam or other cooking spray.
Pour finely chopped nuts into pan and shake to cover entire bottom and half way up the sides of the pan.  Then pour cheesecake mix into pan.  Tap to get air bubbles out and bake for 55-60 minutes on 350 degrees. Turn off oven and crack door (leave cheesecake in oven) until cool. Refrigerate. Serve with fresh berries and lite whipped topping.
  No one could feel deprived eating this!
I hope you enjoy this low carb cheesecake as much as I do!

Yummy Blessings,

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