Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dill--Herb of the Week!

Dill, a plant that hails from the Mediterranean and South Russia, is a very easy herb to grow in the home garden.   It loves nice hot summers and lots of sunshine.
Two parts of the dill plant can be used—the leaves (dill weed) and the seeds.  The seeds are very similar to caraway seeds.  Dill is best used fresh. When dried it loses flavor very quickly.
Dill is most notably known for its use in making Dill Pickles in the US. It is a very popular herb in Europe, India and Canada.  Canadians favor it to season their salmon!
I have used dill in my pickle making and also in a few recipes.  My favorite use is to sprinkle it onto my cucumber sandwiches.  Here is how I make mine:
Cucumber sandwiches
Party Rye Bread
Thinly sliced cucumbers
Cream cheese-softened
Salt and pepper
Fresh Dill

Mix cream cheese with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Spread cream cheese onto the party rye slices. Place 1-2 cuke slices onto the bread and then sprinkle with fresh dill. You can also sprinkle with salt and pepper to your taste. These are always a hit at showers and holidays!  My children love them!




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