Monday, November 12, 2012

Propagaing a Christmas Cactus

  This is the time of the year that you will see those amazing Christmas Cactus available for sale in stores. They are so pretty and exotic looking. I LOVE them!!  These succulent plants are sometimes called "heirloom" plants because the live for years and years and can  be handed down through families. Did I tell you I love them??
  Several years ago, my Mom bought one for me for Christmas because she knew I had always admired them. I couldn't justify spending money on a plant for myself though--money was tight.  The blooms were so pretty and festive through the winter that I wanted more of the Cacti for my home.  My Mom told me how my Grandma used to just break off a piece and let it dry out a day or two then plant the piece in another pot.  She would always have "starts" for anyone who wanted one!  Both of my Grandmas had green thumbs--guess that is where I get it from--at least that is what my Mom tells me!
  So here are pics of my propagating process:

                  Several of my Christmas Cacti in the kitchen window.  The one on the left is the original one my Momma bought for me. I just counted and I have 9 pots of these beauties in my kitchen and dining room!  Told you I love them! :)
Just break off pieces with several segments on them.  Let the pieces dry out or scab over for a few days.
Then plant several pieces in a pot  together.  Water lightly at first and just water once or twice a week after that.  The segments may wilt a little but be patient.  Less watering is more!
So if you are lucky enought to have one of these beautiful plants, you can easily propagate more. More for your home or like me, more to give away or sell!
Have you propagated any plants lately?
Blooming Blessings,



  1. Good Morning
    I too love the Christmas catus.
    My aunt and I think there may be a Thanksgiving cactus because both of ours have blooms.
    My daughter gave me mine for Christmas last year.
    Thank you for sharing I cant wait to make more.
    Woolie Blessings

    1. Depending on where you live--maybe it gets colder earlier? They like the cooler temps for blooming! I have a few that are getting blooms on them. They are the segments closest to the window! Remember to let them rest after the blooming period--not much watering for about a month. For great blooms in the winter fertilize in September or October! Thanks for stopping by!