Friday, November 16, 2012

Diabetics Holiday Survival Tips and Recipes


Diabetes : Low carb labels sticker for food product packaging, print materials, or websiteFor most of the last year I have not been dealing with my diabetes. Heck, I haven't dealt with it properly for years now. I have buried my head in the sand way too long for too many reasons, mainly depression. Well, I received my wake up call a week ago. I now have mild kidney damage.  To keep the damage to a minimum, I need to eat right, monitor my blood glucose, and take my meds religously--the three things I haven't been doing.
   So you may be asking what that has to do with this blog--well......I want to post recipes and tips to help others with diabetes cope with the holidays  and help them to not feel as deprived!
 I will be offering sustitutions for some of the old standbys. Lets think of this as what we CAN HAVE, not what we CANNOT HAVE!  It's hard to hear you cannot have some foods--much more positive to say what you can have!  If you have friends or family members with diabetes, your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated!
Here are a few tips to start:

 *Sugar free Cranberry jello can be a great sustitute for the sugary sweet cranberry sauce at                Thanksgiving.

*Use crushed pineapple and juice to sweeten canned yams.  Just drain the syrup from the yams and pour crushed pineapple and juice over and heat.  Add Splenda to taste(optional).  Sprinkle cinnamon on top!

*Instead of going to the expense of making the famed greenbean casserole, save money and carbs by just having plain greenbeans. The soup has a ton of carbs!

See.......just a few little changes and you  have better options for the diabetics in your life! More tips coming soon!
                                                               Low Carb Blessings to you all,


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