Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let there be Lavender Soap!

Yesterday was a fun day of soap making with my cousin Christina. She has been wanting to learn to make soap for ages so yesterday was the day!  My favorite soap recipe comes from the West Ladies--Homestead Blessings --The Art opf Soap  Making.  I find it very informative and the DVD is very easy to follow.
                                          Here are some of the soapmaking supplies:

Getting all of the supplies together takes more time than it takes to make the soap!  Measuring the ingredients properly is very important but the most important part of soap making is saftey.  Gloves and goggles are needed and keep vinegar handy to neutralize any caustic splashes.  I forgot to take pics of the process--we had such a great time!
                                               Here are pics of the soap poured into the molds:
I chose to put lavender on the top of my bars--Christina chose to keep hers plain.
After pouring the soap into the molds, you need to cover them and put a towel or blanket on to keep the soap from cooling too quickly.
 Today I was able to cut the bars and now they need to cure for 3 weeks before they can be used.
Here they are:
                     Lovely Lavender Soap Bars-   Look for them to be on sale in three weeks!

So pretty and they smell heavenly!

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  1. Soap making is addictive. I haven't added anything other then scents to mine.

    Have a wonderful day.