Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whole Foods Pantry Journey

This week I want to add rice to my pantry stash.  So I’ll be buying $10 worth of brown rice.  Before I buy super large quantities of any one thing, I want to have a small variety of foodstuffs in case of an emergency happening sooner than later.  So rice it will be this week. 
 I must admit this journey is taking a huge amount of change in my shopping habits.  I am staying out of the middle aisles more and in the dairy and produce more.  Coupons have been a way of life for so long, it’s hard to stop but I still check the ads for personal things like feminine supplies, razors, and toothpaste.  I know the investment in whole foods will pay off for our health but I think I am still in the sticker shock part of it!
I have been making yogurt, and drying some foods to store.  I really like making the yogurt—it is so very good and I know exactly what is in it.  My first attempt at drying foods was to dry mushrooms that I found reduced at the grocery.  It went very well. I see lots of uses for my dehydrator in the future and will post on many of those.
All in all, my whole foods journey is progressing very well.  I am still using the processed foods in my pantry (cannot afford not to) but the transition is slow.  I think that is a good thing—introducing whole foods little at a time isn’t such a big change for the Hubby and kids.  We definitely are eating more fresh veggies and fruits.
One thing I want to try this week is yogurt cheese—I understand it is close to cream cheese.  Then I will be able to use the whey collected to ferment other foods!  I am in the middle of reading Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions and am very excited to try some of her ideas! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve the way they eat!
Well, I would love to hear from anyone else about making or eating more fermented foods!
Comments are encouraged and very welcome!


  1. I make Kefir milk everyday and have really seen a big difference in my acid reflux and bowel problems. I also am reading "Nourishing Traditions" and love it!!!!!!!!

    The Way Grandmama Does It

    1. I have made the kefir before. Isn't the book amazing?