Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Soap!

On Sunday,  I was able to make a batch of cold process soap. I intended to make lavender soap but I didn't have enough lavender essential oil, so I made a batch of oatmeal milk and honey.  Let me tell you, my house smells wonderful. In the past I have erred on the less is more side, but this time I wanted  highly scented bars of soap and I think I accomplished that!  I am not comfortable teaching anyone how to make soap(as I am still a beginner) but I can highly recommend Millers Homemade Soap.  The link is : 
If you are overwhelmed by that site you can order the Homesteade Blessings The Art of Soapmaking DVD available from Franklin Springs Family Media. The DVD makes it  very easy to understand the whole process. I just love their DVDs. Simple and straightforward.  The site is:

Good luck if you decide to make your own cold process soap! It is so much  fun!


  1. Thank you for entering and following. I need to go through today and update my blog list. I will get you added!

  2. Oh that soap looks heavenly. I wanna learn to make it too.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs Trace

  3. That looks great. Soap making is addicting. I need to make some more as well. I was told by someone that makes soap that for a 5 pound batch you want to use about 2 Tablespoons of scent. That is what I have been doing.

    Have a wonderful day.


  4. Trace--You need to do this. It is so much fun!

    Thanks Clint--I love the blog on raised beds--I'll be trying that this spring!

    Thanks for the tip Cheryl! I appreciate any help I can get!


  5. I love all your soaps! I can't wait to try this one to!!!