Sunday, February 26, 2012

Whole Foods Pantry Journey!

Well, last week my $10 purchase was dried milk powder.  That makes beans, rice, and dried milk powder  that has been added to my wfp.  I have considered getting a grain mill and buying wheat but right now I do not think that would be feasible.  If I were a stay at home Mom/wife I would do this in a heart beat, but I work full time and have a disabled husband that requires lots of care so I really do not think I would use the grain mill enough to justify buying it. One of these years I may change my mind but not now!
So what else can I stock up in my wfp?  Natural sweetners!  I want to try Agave Nectar, and sucanet.
Honey, an old stand by,  is also on my list! I still have some refined white sugar but in the future I will be buying natural sweetners.
What have you stocked up on this week?


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