Saturday, February 4, 2012

Growing Sprouts

       A wonderful way of growing nutritious greens, in the winter, or anytime for that matter, is sprouting!
      You can order a sprouter, or use a canning jar with a piece of screen on top in place of a lid.  If you use a canning jar, just make sure the screen is tightened down with a canning ring. With the jar, you must must must ensure you drain the sprouts well.
       I ordered my Easysprout and seeds from The Sprout people.
They offer a great selection of sprout products and seeds.

       Sprouting seeds is so easy. The most important thing to remember is to clean your sprouter or jar well and to rinse with a bleach water solution(1T bleach to a pint of water) between each use. 
                                            1. Rinse your seeds until the water runs clear.
                                            2. Soak seeds in your jar or sprouter for 12 hours

Day one-soaking

3. Drain well--very well and let sit out of sunlight

Day 2-rinsed 2 times

                                        4. Rinse every 8-12 hours and drain well for the next 4-6 days

                                                                   Day 6--All done!

That is it.  So easy!  If you want to get the hulls off, just soak sprouts in a bowl full of water.  Break up mass of sprouts and skim hulls off of top.  Drain and let dry before putting into fridge. Make sure they are very dry!  There you have it--a fresh nutritious green sprout in just 4-6 days.

Hope you are inspired to try this easy way of providing fresh greens for your family!

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  1. Hi! Aren't sprouts simply the best winter source of nutrition? Great post, thank you!
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