Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 Super Foods for your Health

Everyone wants the best nutrition possible for their family.  
After searching for nutritious food for my family, I found a list of 7 Super Foods!

Here is the list of super foods that I am trying to incorporate more of into my family’s meals:

·         Salmon or Tuna                                                                                                               
·         Yogurt –Homemade
·         Nuts
·         Dark green leafy vegetables
·         Beans
·         Oats
·         Blueberries 

I am really glad to see that beans and oats are on the list.  Both can be bought in bulk and are very reasonably priced.  Healthy and cheap—that’s a win- win for sure!

Homemade yogurt is another great item on the list.  All of the flora and fauna in yogurt are so very good for you!

I have been incorporating more nuts and oats into our diet via my homemade granola.  Yummy!

We have spinach salad every week or so and I have purchased dried spinach from San Francisco Herb and use it in lots of meals like spaghetti sauce, and soups, etc.

We eat lots of tuna in the summer in sandwiches and I make tuna croquets in the fall and winter so we get our fishy nutrition.  We are not big seafood eaters so this is how I get fish into our diet.
Blueberries are great in muffins and very easy to freeze --post on this coming soon.

  So Getting these super foods into your family’s diet isn’t very difficult and it is not very expensive either. Do you try to  incorporate these frugal super foods in your diet?

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  1. Great list. We are not really fish eaters either. I should probably try to work on that. Thanks for sharing!

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