Friday, August 16, 2013

Herbal Recipe-Bouquet Garni

Bouquet Garni is French for garnished bouquet. A bouquet garni is a small pouch of herbs and/or spices tied up in a piece of muslin and simmered in soups, broths, or stews. It is removed before serving. You can use dried herbs or fresh herbs—whatever you have on hand. Some recipes call for peppercorns to be added but you can use the herbs you like best. I like to make up several at the same time and store them in a mason jar. 

1/4 cup Parsley     
3 Bay leaves
2 Tbls Thyme
2 Tbls Marjoram
2 Tbls Lovage

Mix together well and tie 1 Tablespoon of dried herbs in a small muslin bag. If using fresh, chop and use however much you want. Now this isn’t an exact science so get creative and see what combinations your family likes. This is wonderful simmering in a beef or chicken stock.

What would you use the boquet garni for at your homestead?

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  1. I've often thought of making these. I have tons of rosemary, thyme, oregano and a bit of sage and lavender. Thanks for the post! Visiting you from Tuesdays with a Twist:))