Monday, August 5, 2013


Not that many have probably noticed but I have been MIA since April. 
Health problems reared their ugly heads and I have been one hot mess!

    I had been having some sharp pains in my side for several months and then on May 15th, I felt just awful.  After sitting at my desk and doing my daily paperwork, I decided to head on over to the Emergency Dept. since my Dr. couldn’t get me in that day.  So I go to the ER and they figure out pretty quickly that I have appendicitis and will need surgery.   I was schedule for a 5pm surgery that evening.  In the meantime, my family members started trickling in to see me.  Well, 5pm rolled around and no surgery—it had been pushed back for a more serious case. Next scheduled at 7pm and guess what.  It was postponed again to 9pm, then to 11pm and then finally I had surgery at 1 am. About time!!

  Now, mind you, nothing is ever easy for me!  My laproscopic surgery,  that I would have a 1-2 day stay in the hospital for, turned into a hand assisted laproscopic surgery because my appendix had ruptured.  Then to add insult to injury, the surgeon had to remove part of my colon and reconnect it to the small intestine lengthening my hospital stay to 7 days!

  In the past I have had 4 c-sections and a hysterectomy.  I figured recovery would be very similar to my past surgical experiences.  Boy,  was I wrong!  This surgery kicked my butt!  Maybe It was just that I am older or maybe that I was sick to begin with but it has been a rough road—a really rough road!

Before going to my follow up appointment, my incision became infected.  Another bump in that rough road. The Dr. cauterized it and put me on antibiotics. Went back after one week and the incision was no better.  The Dr. opened it back up and we had to wet-to-dry pack it until it was healed. Well, guess what-It is August and it still isn’t healed completely.  There is a small area still open just below my belly button.  It has been cauterized 4 more times but it still is open and leaking.  Even with an open incision, I returned to work.

  Did I tell you nothing is ever easy?  Well, I had noticed that my thumb nail was looking like the cuticle was infected.  I did all of the regular things for it—soaking in hot soapy water, and soaking in Epsom salt water.  It kept getting worse and the infection went into the pad of my thumb.  It Throbbed and throbbed.  So much so that I decided to go to the new express care to have it looked at.  The Nurse practitioner sent me on to the ER(Again) and they tried to lance the side of my thumb.

It didn’t work. So they called a hand surgeon and he said to see him first thing the next day.  I went and he said I had a felon and that he  would like to treat it conservatively with antibiotics.  So off I go to the pharmacy for my Bactrim.  Fast forward 4 days.  My thumb is not just throbbing, it is killing me!  So I call the Dr. office and go back.  He went ahead and opened my thumb up and tried to remove as much pus as possible.  More antibiotics and soaking.

  By Saturday morning I was feeling much better. The cut alleviated the throbbing!  It is still bothering me but not nearly as bad.

  So this is what I have been contending with for the last few months.   I just haven’t felt like myself at all.  No interest in doing any of the things I like to do so I did ……….nothing much while I was recuperating.

Nothing much at all—just call me slacker girl!  Depression played a great role in my recovery.  I struggle with it anyway and when I am sick it gets worse.  I feel so bad--I could have gotten so much done while I was off work for 8 weeks and I didn’t.  But, you know, the inactivity was what I needed to get better.  I slept a lot and relaxed and that was a good thing.   I am feeling much better and hope to make a fresh start with my blogging.  I’ve missed keeping in touch with some of my followers so I hope to remedy the situation ASAP.
It feels great to be back to blogging and I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy!
Blessings to you all,


  1. Wow! I am glad that you are doing better.

    Have a wonderful evening.


    1. Thanks Cheryl! Still keeping you and yours in my prayers!

  2. Oh friend so sorry to hear.
    Lifting you in prayer and sending you a big hug,
    Woolie Blessings

    1. Thank you! I wanted to tell you that I ordered a ball jar sign like yours! I loved it and cannot wait to get mine!