Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Newest Family Member

Hello all,
     Just wanted to share  a few pics of our newest family member!                                                          
                                                                       Meet Peyton!
Isn't he sweet?  He is a little stinker let me tell you!
Peyton is very smart--he  is  starting to bark when my husband seizes.  I had hopes that he would pick up on the seizures and alert us and it looks promising! Sometimes when Tom has a seizure he will just stop and be still and stay that way for several minutes. We heard Peyton barking in the kitchen one day and sure enough. when I went to find out why he was barking, I found Tom seizing.
 I hope he continues to be aware of the seizures and will help alert us to them.   Peyton is a blessing to our family--especially to my Hubby!
Furry Blessings,

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  1. How amazing is that.
    What a cute smart boy.
    Woolie Hugs