Monday, August 26, 2013

My Frugal Accomplishments Last Week

      Last week I packed my lunch every day for work and used my water bottle--no drinks or snacks were bought!
    I found beef stew meat on markdown and bought it--canned 7 quarts of Beef stew! I figured my cost per quart to be about $2 -much cheaper than the store canned junk!
     Worked on another doll blankie for my niece for Project Homemade Christmas.  It is about half way completed. Hope to have it finished this week!
      Primly painted a child's chair and stool that were given to me by my Mother-in-law.  I used a small bottle of acrylic paint that I picked up at Wally World for 67 cents. They look great in my living room now!
      I was given a mess of green beans and several tomatoes--Thanks Uncle Howard!! I appreciate your generosity! 
      I found several packages of Lil Smokeys smoked sausages marked down 50%.  We like these at Christmas with BBQ sauce in the mini crockpot. They are calmly awaiting Christmas Eve in my freezer!
      I bought 20 packages of Kool-Aid and got a free 5 lb. bag of sugar at Meijer last week. Saving the sugar for cookies at Christmas.
      I wasn't able to get my jam and jelly made this week--maybe next week it will get done.

    What were you able to save money on last week? Please share in the comments section!
Frugal Blessings,



  1. Those are some great savings. I love this post because often the frugal things that we do, we don't stop to things about. I got clearance chicken breasts which I cooked and cubed or shredded and froze for later use for meals. I made homemade chicken broth to freeze (from the bones and leftover veggies from the freezer which I saved for such an occasion). I made a loaf of bread (but I do that every week) because we don't buy bread at the store anymore. I made lots of zucchini bread and I am going to make some banana bread today! I need to start working on my crafts again but I am going to wait until my son starts school again to tackle anymore :)

  2. yeah for you! I want to start making bread weekly but haven't begun yet. I hope to start soon though! Bone broth is so good for you-keep up the great work!!
    Thanks for stopping by-Come back real soon!